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Motor City Pizza Co Supreme Review: Crispy Bottom, Fluffy Sweet Garlic Center, Cheesy Topping Goodness!

When I heard about the new Motor City Pizza Co., I was excited to try it.

I’ve been a fan of Detroit-style deep-dish pizza since my days at sleepaway camp in Michigan when we’d make pizza on our own in the fire pit.

When Motor City Pizza Co. announced that they were opening up shop here in Denver, I knew that I had to go check it out. My first impressions were very positive!

This frozen pizza is actually huge! It’s got an amazingly sweet, fluffy dough center—it’s really soft!

It has an amazingly crispy bottom crust too! Who doesn’t love a crispy bottom?

There’s plenty of pepperonis, sausage, bell peppers, and red onion topped edge to edge with a generous about of fresh mozzarella cheese

My first impressions

To start, I must say that the pizza is really big and THICK. The dough is sweet and fluffy.

The crust is crispy yet soft at the same time, which makes it easy to chew even with a lot of toppings on it (which there are).

The toppings are good: pepperoni and spicy sausage with lots of cheese! This isn’t exactly healthy food, but it’s certainly delicious! It’s definitely worth a cheat day or two!

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This frozen pizza is actually huge!

This frozen pizza is actually huge! It’s shaped like a square, and it measures about 10 inches on each side. The crust is about 1 inch thick. It’s definitely more than enough food to feed four people!

Motor city pizza co supreme side measurement -

The crust is very thick and crispy, but not too hard to chew. The cheese is melted perfectly and isn’t too greasy at all.

There’s a lot of sauce on the pizza, but it doesn’t overpower the other ingredients.

Overall, it’s a delicious frozen pizza that anyone would enjoy!

They call this the Detroit-style deep-dish pizza

Detroit-style pizza is a deep-dish style of pizza that has a thick, square crust. It’s also called “square” or “pan” pizza because the shape of the crust resembles a square.

The crust is typically thicker than that of other types of pizza, but what distinguishes it from other deep-dish pies is the crispy bottom layer and fluffy sweet garlic center.

The toppings start almost everywhere and just not in the middle—and it’s just as good as you’d expect!

This pizza is really, really thick—about 1 inch thick!

The crust on this pizza is really, really thick—about 1 inch. That’s a lot of dough!

Motor city pizza co supreme thickness measurement -

The way you can tell that this pizza is extra thick is that it has a bit more cheese than usual, which means there’s just more stuff on top of your slice.

Some people like their slices extra thick; some don’t. Personally, I think that when it comes to pizza crust thickness, more is better (isn’t everything?). But this may not be the case for everyone else out there.

If you don’t want as much crust, or if you have a gluten allergy, intolerance, dislike, or other reason why you can’t eat the crust, skip this menu item.

It’s got an amazingly sweet, fluffy dough center; it’s really soft!

The best part about this pizza is the fluffy dough. It’s not like other frozen pizzas at all! The crust is sweet and garlicky, which makes every bite taste better than the last.

Motor city pizza co supreme cross section cooked -

It’s not too salty either, so you can enjoy eating it with a glass of milk or water instead of soda if that’s what floats your boat (or floats anyone else’s boat).

You’ll also notice that this pizza is moderately greasy and oily; sometimes those are good things when it comes to food, but it depends on who you ask!

Personally, I don’t find this pizza too greasy (I’ve had worse)—there’s enough so that your fingers won’t feel sticky after handling it.

There’s only a hint of garlic in every bite, but even if there wasn’t any garlic on top of these delicious slices, I would still recommend trying them out because they’re really tasty!

Who doesn’t love a crispy bottom? It’s really, really crispy!

The crispy bottom is one of the most important parts of any pizza. It goes under the cheese so it can soak up all the flavor from your favorite toppings.

Motor city pizza co supreme thickness after cooked -

It also does a great job of trapping all those cheesy toppings and keeping them from falling off the side.

Crispy bottoms are usually pretty crispy, but sometimes they’re not crispy enough to give you that satisfaction you crave when you’re eating a slice of pizza.

That’s why it’s important to order an extra crispy bottom with this pizza!

I’ve found that a soft, fluffy center with a crispy outer shell is absolutely perfect for any kind of pizza topping, especially if those toppings include cheese (which they should).

Topped edge to edge with a generous about of fresh mozzarella cheese

The mozzarella cheese is fresh and 100% real, which means it’s good quality.

Motor city pizza co supreme frozen -

They don’t skimp on the cheese either, as there is plenty of it to go around.

This pizza comes topped edge-to-edge with the stuff, so you won’t be left wanting for more cheesy goodness when you take your first bite.

There’s plenty of pepperonis, sausage, bell peppers, and red onion

Next up on our pizza review is the pepperoni, sausage, bell pepper, and red onion pie. This one had plenty of pepperoni and sausage.

Motor city pizza co supreme close up frozen -

They were both crispy, with a nice char from being cooked in the oven. The bell peppers were thinly sliced so that they held their shape after baking but still retained their crunch.

The red onion was sliced up into thin, long pieces for an extra layer of texture and flavor without overpowering the rest of the toppings.

The sauce was just right—not too sweet or too spicy, but still with plenty of tangy tomato flavor that complemented all those salty meats nicely.

Overall, it was a very satisfying combination!

You need to cook it for 25 minutes at 350 degrees Fahrenheit

According to the instructions, you need to cook it for 25 minutes at 350 degrees Fahrenheit.

Motor city pizza co supreme cooked and done -

This results in a super crispy bottom and a fluffy, sweet garlic center.

The tray is oven-safe, so you can use it as your baking tray if you want!

Conveniently cook it in the oven with the included oven-safe tray

If you’re looking for a convenient way to cook your pizza, the included oven-safe tray allows you to place the pizza directly on it.

The tray is made of plastic, but the paper backing makes it easier to take out.

The tray is disposable and not reusable after use, so make sure that you have another one before starting your next batch of pizzas!

It’s so good but it’s not exactly a healthy meal

The good news is that even though this pizza contains cheese on top, it’s mostly made with veggies on top, so it has fewer calories than if it were not!

Motor city pizza co supreme deep cutting side -

I mean, a small piece of pizza (about 139 grams) has the same number of calories as 370! That’s quite a bit.

I’ll be the first to say that it’s not the best choice when you’re on a diet. But if you ever have a cheat day, trust me, you’ll wish you knew of this sooner.

Would I recommend it?

Yes, I would recommend it!

Motor city pizza co supreme slice -

If you’re looking for a treat that’s easy on the stomach, this isn’t it. But if you’re in the mood for something special and delicious, then this pizza is for you! It’s no ordinary pizza.

This pizza is loaded with ingredients and toppings. The textures are almost what would be described as “perfect.” And there’s a massive portion of it that would definitely feed a small family of four (maybe even five).

It makes a great gift or party food as well; just keep in mind that it only lasts about two days after being opened, so be sure to eat fast!

Nutritional facts

Each pizza contains about six servings. Each serving is about 139 grams. Below are the nutritional facts for each serving:

Motor city pizza co supreme nutritional facts -
  • Calories: 370
  • Total fat: 18g
  • Saturated fat: 7g
  • Trans fat: 0g
  • Cholesterol: 35mg
  • Sodium: 770mg
  • Total carbohydrate: 35g
  • Dietary fiber: 2g
  • Total sugars: 3g
  • Added sugar: 1g
  • Protein: 17g
  • Vitamin D: 0mcg
  • Calcium: 255mg
  • Iron: 2mg
  • Potassium: 265mg



Motor city pizza co supreme ingredients -
  • The crust is made of bleached enriched flour which is also made of wheat flour, niacin, reduced iron, diamine mononitrate, riboflavin, enzyme, and folic acid.
  • Water
  • Soybean oil
  • Premix blend that is made of glucono delta lactone, salt, sodium bicarbonate, do conditioner blend which is also made of enriched wheat flour which is also made of wheat flour, niacin, reduced iron, thiamine mononitrate, riboflavin, and folic acid.
  • Yeast,
  • Flavored oil blend which is an oil blend of palm oil, corn oil, and natural flavors
  • Beta-carotene for color
  • Cheese blend which is shredded low-moisture part-skim mozzarella cheese that comes from cultured pasteurized part skim milk, salt, and enzymes
  • Powdered cellulose which is the anti-caking agent
  • Dehydrated seasoning blends like oregano, basil, red bell pepper, and parsley
  • The sauce is made of water, tomatoes, seasoning blend which is made of salt, sugar, spices, dehydrated garlic, dehydrated onion, and soybean oil as the processing aid
  • Bell pepper and onion blend
  • Pepperoni which is made of pork, beef, salt, spices, dextrose, lactic acid starter culture, natural flavor, paprika oleoresin, sodium ascorbate, sodium nitrate, and citric acid
  • Cooked Italian sausage which is made of pork, spices, water, salt, corn syrup solids, garlic, paprika, sugar, a natural flavor that is in autolyzed yeast extract, lactic acid, spice extractive, and it also includes disodium inosinate, disodium guanylate


Well, what do you think? I really enjoyed this pizza. It was huge and delicious, but it’s definitely not for everyone.

If you’re looking for a healthy meal or something with less fat and calories, then consider another option instead.

This is definitely a good choice if you’re looking for something filling, soft, crispy, fluffy, sweet, and loaded with plenty of veggies and protein, though!

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