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Is it time to re-evaluate the effectiveness of the material on your website? Knowing how your content compares to the rest of the pack might offer you an edge over your competition on search engine results pages (SERPs).

Many people who write articles want to rank for their core keywords in Google in the hopes of having their site appear when they do a search for those terms. In an old-fashioned manner, this is how it is done manually.

With the help of, a new tool that delivers a quick snapshot of the data, it’s now feasible.

Is there a mechanism at work in Nozzle?

Google Search Console crawls every single URL. This information was then saved to our database for easy retrieval. If you want the crawlers to check in more regularly, you can set the frequency of this action in the configuration settings.

Use a mobile or desktop, tablet or laptop – they’ll follow you everywhere no matter which one you choose.

What are the benefits of tracking using

Keep an eye on the search engine results pages (SERPs) and you’ll see that things have changed. You’ll be alerted if someone adds new pages or edits their existing ones. As a result, you’re in a better position to influence how your website performs. You’ll also be able to maintain track of less significant keywords that are still bringing in excellent traffic thanks to this feature

Which of your rivals features the most often in the top ten list is something you’re curious in learning about. As long as they’re well-known, there will be an audience for them. We may infer the same thing about those who score badly in search results: nobody uses these phrases.

In order to find out which site has the most slots in different sorts of highlighted material, such as videos, photos, and local packs. You can get a ton of data on each page using Nozzle.
With a keyword rank tracker, you now have access to a wealth of SERP data at the corporate level previously unattainable for a single company. Using Nozzle, you can keep tabs on your SEO ranking for free.

How does Nozzle compare to other SEO ranking tools?

In contrast to other programs, Nozzle allows you to keep track of several domains’ search engine rank positions all at once. Instead of using separate domains, Nozzle makes use of brand names, properties, and URLs. Creating your own custom rules is an option if this isn’t enough for you. These capabilities enable in-depth comparisons between different brands, attributes, and even URLs.

Keeping tabs on where your website ranks in search results may provide you valuable insight on how to improve it. Rank monitoring has the benefit of letting you know where you stand in the market.

Your brand’s data is available to you at all times because of Nozzle’s search engine results data.