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Parlor Doughnuts Cookie and Cream Review: These are NOT Your Typical Donuts!

So I’ve been trying out these doughnuts for a couple of weeks now, and let me tell you, you’ve probably never tried donuts like these before. They’re more like a croissant than anything else. But it’s not just any croissant—it’s the best croissant you’ve ever had in your life!

My first impressions

My first impressions of the donuts are that they are very sweet and delicious. The texture is very soft, fluffy, and moist. The glaze has a nice creamy consistency that compliments the donut nicely, giving it a little bit of something extra on top without being overpowering.

The chocolate drizzle was also sweet but not overly so. It added just enough sweetness to enhance the chocolate flavor in each bite without making my teeth ache or leaving me feeling like I had just eaten a cupcake (which is often what happens with frostings).

It’s important to note that these donuts aren’t your typical donut by any means! They’re definitely better than a stale Krispy Kreme—but they are also more expensive than your average Dunkin Donuts treat!

It’s not your regular donut that you’re used to

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It’s not your regular donut that you’re used to. It’s a big round croissant! This means that it’s almost twice the size of a traditional doughnut and has flaky, brown, and crispy on the outside. But inside is where things start to get interesting: light, airy, sweet, soft, and buttery! It’s an entirely different experience for your taste buds when compared to any other type of donut out there—and I love it!

It’s a big round croissant

The Parlor Doughnuts Cookie and Cream is a huge round croissant. It’s almost twice the size of your average doughnut and it has flaky, brown, and crispy on the outside and light, airy, sweet, soft buttery on the inside!

If you’re craving something sweet but don’t have time for breakfast in a traditional sense this is absolutely perfect for those situations!

It’s almost twice the size of a traditional doughnut

Parlor Doughnuts cookie and cream medium close up -

It’s way bigger than a regular donut. That’s because it’s twice or nearly three times the size of a traditional doughnut, clocking in at over 6 to 8 inches in diameter. It’s also no donut hole, making for a rounder experience than what you’re probably used to.

And if you thought that was big enough…

It has flaky, brown, and crispy on the outside

The outside is flaky, brown, and crispy. It’s pretty much a decorated croissant. If you’ve ever had one of those, you’ll know what we mean. Again, it’s not your typical doughnut! You can think of this as a donut croissant hybrid. It has the texture of a croissant but is filled with all the deliciousness of a donut.

The inside is light and airy with just the right amount of sweetness to make it feel indulgent without making you feel sick after eating it (or three). The cookie and cream topping is made with real Oreo cookies—so if you love them as much as we do, then this treat is definitely for you!

It’s light, airy, sweet, soft, and buttery on the inside

Parlor Doughnuts cookie and cream cross section close up -

The doughnut is light and airy, with a sweet vanilla flavor that’s not overpowering. The cake inside has a soft texture similar to biting into a croissant right out of the oven, while the exterior is buttery and slightly crispy at the edges. It’s wonderful as it is and it screams, we’re going to get creative here because these are anything but ordinary!

There’s sugar all over the outer surface of the donut

Once you get past the sugary outer layer, there’s a fluffy doughnut that that’s not filled with cream filling. The donut is a little bit messy to eat because of all the sugar on the outside, but it tastes amazing!

It’s quite sweet so make sure to drink some milk while eating this treat. It’s also a good idea to wipe your hands on a napkin after you eat it; otherwise, you’ll have sugar all over them too!

There is a glaze topping of white cream

It is not a traditional glaze on top of the donut, but rather a white cream that looks like frosting. But this isn’t just any buttercream—it’s airy and soft, sweet but not too much so, and it melts in your mouth.

Once again, the doughnut itself is light and soft on the inside—it almost feels like cake (but of course still has an outer layer of crispiness). The chocolate drizzle on top adds a little extra sweetness while also complementing each bite perfectly with its flavor profile.

It’s not greasy!

It’s important to note that these doughnuts are not greasy at all! They’re perfectly balanced between being moist enough to be satisfying yet not so moist that they feel heavy in your stomach after eating them for breakfast or dessert (or both!).

If you’re looking for something less decadent but still crave something sweet in your morning routine then this might be just what you need!

There is a drizzle of chocolate syrup

The chocolate syrup drizzle is a nice addition to the doughnuts. It adds to the sweetness and makes it look more appealing. I was worried that there would be too much chocolate syrup but they didn’t add too much!

They also shower cookie crumbs on top

Parlor Doughnuts cookie and cream extreme sugar close up -

Now, the cookie crumbs on top are a nice touch. They add some texture and crunch to an otherwise soft doughnut. They also help cut the sweetness of the doughnuts, which is nice because they can be a little too sweet at times. I like how they’re not just plain old white sugar – there’s some saltiness added to them but that might just be the nature of the dough as well which makes them even more interesting!

It’s very sweet and delicious

The doughnuts, as we call them, are very sweet — but not overly so. The sugar is on the outside and the inside is soft and airy. The cream isn’t super sweet which gives the cookie and cream filling an almost savory quality that goes well with the chocolate drizzle on top.

It’s very expensive, about $4-$5 for 1, but surprisingly worth it when you try it

It’s very expensive, about $4-$5 for 1, but surprisingly worth it when you try it. You get a lot of doughnuts for your money and it doesn’t even have a filling!

Parlor Doughnuts Cookie and Cream Review: These are NOT Your Typical Donuts!

You get so much bang for your buck with these. They do cost a lot more than a regular glazed donut, but they pack so much flavor into each bite that once you’ve tasted them, you will understand why they’re so pricey.

Don’t believe me? I counted across a handful of stores on Google and each store has almost 5 stars across the board.

They spend a lot of time decorating these doughnuts

Parlor Doughnuts cookie and cream pulled apart -

They spend a lot of time decorating these doughnuts. They have a lot of different options for decorating the doughnuts and making sure that they look good.

I would compare it to one of those more premium decorated donuts you’d see during the holidays.

Are these doughnuts worth it?

It’s no secret that these doughnuts are expensive. You’re paying for the time spent decorating each one individually, but what you’re getting is totally worth it. The cookies and cream doughnut flavor are a delicious complement to any kind of day of the week, making this dessert more than just a plain ol’ donut.

If you want to try out this unique creation for yourself and you should! If you can’t make it there in person though, rest assured that these babies aren’t going anywhere anytime soon!

Nutritional facts

Parlor Doughnuts doesn’t reveal its nutritional facts.

With that said, these doughnuts are not for everyone. I’m basically assuming from the tastes and flavors but the nutrition facts may be a little scary.

With all of this in mind, it’s worth saying that the doughnut is made with whole wheat flour, which makes it slightly better than your average sugary treat. But if you’re trying to lose weight or stick to a healthy diet plan, we wouldn’t recommend eating more than one at a time!


Parlor Doughnuts cookie and cream cross section -

Parlor Doughnuts doesn’t display the type of ingredients they use to make their doughnuts but a typical recipe to make croissants is:

  • Wheat flour
  • Butter
  • Milk
  • Water
  • Sugar
  • Yeast
  • Wheat gluten
  • Salt
  • Sugar
  • Egg
  • Flour treatment agent
  • Ascorbic acid.

My takeaway

In the end, my takeaway from this experience is that these doughnuts are worth the money. They’re very sweet, but it’s not too sweet, they’re just right. My only gripe is that they’re not doughnuts, and that could sometimes throw you off.

If you’re looking for a tasty treat that’ll get your day off on the right foot (or night off on the wrong foot), then these doughnuts are what you need! If you want something more than just sweetness though…I’d say maybe hold off until something better comes along.

Quite honestly? I think these are very much worth their price tag either way. The price may be really high but I think everyone should try it at least once.

I think it’s a great treat to try, and I recommend that you go out and get yourself one! It is definitely worth the money.

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